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GLO Effex Phosphorescent Glow in the Dark Paint is a transparent when dry acrylic paint that when charged with light can glow for hours. 

Expose the paint to sunlight or bright light for at least one full minute or up to 15 minutes to fully activate the paint. The Strontium Aluminate based paint goes on milky white and dries transparent and durable. 

GLO Effex Premium high quality acrylic glow paints have been used in a variety of theme parks, movie sets, haunted houses...etc. 



  • Dries clear and nearly invisible on lighter surfaces with excellent adhesion to most surfaces and is extremely durable when dry.
  • Extremely Bright Long Lasting Glow! If charged with a full charge it will glow hours and will continue to recharge over and over again endless times.
  • UV Reactive. No need for black lights to make the paint glow but they can charge the paint and make the paints act as black light reactive paint. 
  • Completely non-toxic premium acrylic paint. It's safe and cleans up with water.
  • Can be brushed on or thinned out with water and sprayed.
  • Excellent for marking, fishing lures, party decorations, gun sights, or really anything you wish to use it for.
  • Made with the highest grade Europium doped Strontium Aluminate glow pigments for the brightest and longest lasting glow available.

    Sample Uses:

    • Gun Sights
    • Ceiling Star Murals
    • Nail polish
    • Jewelry decoration
    • Party decorations
    • Hobbies, game pieces, models
    • Arts/Crafts
    • Halloween decor or costumes
    • Computer systems
    • Product Marking
    • Product Tracking
    • Room Decoration
    • Automotive interior
    • Really anything you can think of glowing

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