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Transparent Water Based UV Reactive Paint - 1 Gallon - GLO Effex

Transparent Water Based UV Reactive Paint - 1 Gallon

$ 250.00 USD

A highly UV reactive nearly invisible transparent drying water based paint. Goes on a milky white color and dries clear. When subject to a blacklight emits a very bright illumination of the chosen color.

These high quality paints have been used in a variety of theme parks, movie sets, haunted houses...etc. These are water based paints. Safe, non-toxic and water clean up.

These paints can brush on or can be thinned out with water and sprayed.

Can be used for:

  • Nail polish/ jewelry decoration
  • Party decorations
  • Hobbies, game pieces, models
  • Arts/Crafts
  • Halloween
  • Computer systems
  • Product Marking
  • Product Tracking
  • Room Decoration
  • Automotive interior
  • Anything you can think of glowing
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green



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