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UV Reacting Neon Fluorescent Face and Body Paint - .5 oz - GLO Effex

UV Reacting Neon Fluorescent Face and Body Paint - .5 oz

$ 2.99 USD

UV Reacting Non-toxic Face and Body Paint that easily washes off but durable when applied and dry.

Whether you're going out for a night on the town, throwing a Day of the Dead party, Raves, or just looking to light up your next Halloween, then this paint is the way to go.

Suitable for both day and night.

  • Brightest glow under blacklight - GUARANTEED!
  • Non flake quick drying formula that lasts all night
  • 7 Bright Neon Colors 
  • Non-Toxic and easy to remove with soap and water
  • Ideal for Clubbing, Festivals and anywhere with UV Lighting

Available in 7 vivid colors (Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red & Purple) and give off a bright neon color when viewed with UV Lighting or Black lights.

This paint washes off skin easily, is safe, non toxic, and made in the U.S.A!

Paint can be applied to many surfaces which include your body & face (although its not recommended for use on the skin around your eyes), clothes (painting over fabric may cause stains).

This paint is perfect for night clubs, EDM music festivals, raves, concerts, blacklight parties, Halloween, or any event that has UV Blacklight Lighting.

Please note that this product does not "Glow in the Dark." You need to have UV lighting/Blacklight to see the awesome effect.

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