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UV Reactive Colored Powder - GLO Effex

UV Reactive Colored Powder

$ 9.99 USD

This is a non-toxic, cornstarch-based UV reactive powder designed to produce a magnificent glow under black-light. The Powder can be used in powder form for events or mixed into a variety of products to make completely safe and non-toxic colored and UV reactive food, drinks, body paints, lotions, etc. being they are cornstarch based. Your imagination is the limit.

Perfect for:

  • Black Light Parties or Events 
  • Neon Raves
  • UV Holi Parties 
  • Glow Runs
  • Unique Photo Shoots
  • Making glues for arts and crafts
  • Making body paints or lotions
  • Making UV Reactive foods or drinks

Spice up that dark party with an explosion of rich, indulgent colors that present a beautiful contrast against the dark ambience.

The UV powder comes in a range of colors, which are all reactive when exposed to black-light. These luminescent colors will radiate and make your UV Holi Party or any event the best one around.

The biodegradable powder comes with a lightweight feel and texture and provides an intensified glow under UV light. It is very easy to wash off and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Made in a modern, food grade facility, using only the best of the best ingredients and processes and all ingredients are FD&C and D&C approved.

The products are more than just glowing dust. They are vividly vibrant and offer a unique UV glow to your parties and events.

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